Angled Ramp Walls

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Angled ramp wall cut

The prior design of our ramps were the traditional, rectangular-cut ramp walls. Cutting across the grain or cutting curves or punching out circles or shapes in Coro is harder and trickier than cutting with the flutes or straight-cutting across the "grain." We've now updated the ramp design to be MUCH MORE guinea pig-friendly!

Put yourself in the paws of a guinea pig.

Think like a guinea pig. 

Or, imagine this. You live in a tight, 2-story apartment. Space is at a premium. You rarely get out. You need some exercise. You want to run up and down the stairs for fun. But, at the foot of the stairs, protrudes a sharp corner jutting out at 45 degrees into your space. You have to take care not to hit it in your exuberant running around. 

It's like bumping your thigh against the corner of a desk due to it's angle in the room.

Piggies like to get up a full head of steam when doing their zoomie laps -- especially the adolescent piggies (4-12 months of age). They like to run in circles, and their plump bodies have a harder time navigating hard corners or dead stops to turn around. 

No more sharp corners to avoid

Getting rid of the sharp corner that protrudes out from its downward angle is a big deal for them. Many pigs have chewed that ramp edge, as previously, it did not come with edgers either. A common reason (not the only one, but a common one) for a guinea pig to chew on something is that it's in their way. I believe that corner being in their way contributed to any such chewing behavior. 

Now, with the slanted 45-degree cut, they have a much easier time getting on and off the ramp when they desire.

Edgers on all exposed edges

And they now come with edgers on the ends of the walls to prevent chewing entirely.

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