Before you Buy

Please double-check your assumptions!

Are you using DIFFERENT GRIDS?

Grids matter greatly! Please review.

SAFE grids are 14" squares with 9 across and 9 down inner holes (NOT 8x8 or less). The inner holes should never be larger than 1.5" because young or narrow-headed guinea pigs can get their heads caught.

We've maintained our Cagetopia brand safe grid dimensions and quality over the years.

You may choose to buy or have grids from another source, but not all grids are the same. SAFE does NOT necessarily mean COMPATIBLE with Cagetopia grids and products.


Insert 3 US pennies in your connector slot. They should fit exactly without being too loose or too tight.


  • IF you are building a simple cage using ALL of your own 14" square grids and connectors and do NOT intend to add-on or build out with our additions or enhancements, then this should work structurally.
  • However, IF you are mixing grids from another source with ours in any way -- ESPECIALLY complex builds with cage STANDS and/or UPPER LEVELS -- then there MAY be compatibility issues mixing grids and connectors. If the grid is too loose in the connector which is more typical, then you can compensate in most circumstances by securing these locations with cable ties.
Grids MUST be exactly 14" square to work with standard C&C Cage configurations. NO Cagetopia products will work with 12" grids. Non-Cagetopia 14" grids need to be evaluated (above) for compatibility.


Coroplast colors or shades may vary slightly from what you see on the website. The color of items ordered at separate times can differ due to the manufacturer or dye lots.

In addition, we've been making a number of changes to colors this year and are still experimenting. So, please do not assume that shades will match. Contact us if you have specific questions, concerns, or needs about color matching.

Due to complexities of printing, printed colors may have scratches or slight splotching. This is a normal part of this color process and does not indicate a defective product.
Coroplast is not the same as hard-molded, plastic cage bottoms. It is a soft, plastic material perfect for cages that can last a lifetime. We cannot accept returns for minor cosmetic flaws that might occur during shipping.

Our Coroplast is partially machine-cut which can result in some 'fuzz' from the cutting process. We do our best to remove this prior to shipping, but some small amount may still be present or small pieces picked up in packing due to static electricity. Just wipe down your Coro before assembly to remove any extraneous plastic. Machine-cutting has allowed us to signficantly reduce prices and bring you more options for your guinea pig's habitat.

Also, note that PRINTED colors MAY have some slight cosmetic scratches or slight splotching. This is a normal part of this color process and does not indicate a defective product.
Coroplast bases are scored for packing prior to shipping.

C&C Construction

Grids are assembled around the perimeter of the cage and not on the bottom. Make sure you place the cage on a flat, level surface. The minimum table space required is noted in the "Details" of each cage description.

When ordering a Cagetopia Creation setup, you will receive assembly instructions for each individual component (i.e. stand, cage, loft, etc.), but not as a whole unit. Some of these creations are for advanced cage builders only.
The center grids of a Medium Cage are overlapped via cable ties in order to accommodate a compromised size needed for a 54" table.


A 2x4 CAGE does NOT equal 2x4 FEET. Grids are 14" Square. Interior and exterior dimensions are noted in the description of every cage.

One can approximate 15" per grid section when determining the height, length and width of a setup for planning purposes. This is to account for the connector inbetween each grid.


Putting flat plastic on a wooden surface can cause 'sweating'. We suggest placing a towel or rug between a wood floor or table and the Coroplast base to wick away any condensation.

Leaking should not occur. IF you experience any seepage from the corners, try changing the type of bedding you use, increasing the frequency of cage cleanings or adding a small piece of clear packing tape to the outside of the corners.

Cleaning tips can be found here.

Please do not plan on putting a C&C cage -- or any cage for that matter -- outdoors. Guinea pigs are domesticated, indoor animals.


Keep in mind that babies up to a few weeks old can easily get through the recommended 1.5 inch spacing of the safe grid. Guinea pigs with thinner, pointier-shaped heads can get their heads stuck in the grid hole. Please note that some grids are manufactured with fewer inner wires leaving an opening larger than 1.5 inches. Never use these as they are unsafe.

NEVER use grids internally in a cage with babies. This includes interior grid walls, grid or wire hay racks, ramps fashioned from grids, etc.

ALWAYS pay attention to the SHAPE and SIZE of your guinea pigs' head. If it's very thin and pointy, you should take the necessary precautions.

Most people who use C&C Cage have no issues because the 6-inch walls prevent incidents from occurring. However, we ALWAYS recommend baby proofing. There are several quick and temporary solutions since babies grow fast.

Baby-Proofing your C&C Cage

The three approaches to Baby-Proofing are

#1) EXTEND the internal Coroplast Walls

#2) REDUCE the inner grid-hole openings

#3) BLOCK access to the grid-walls

How to:

  • Use scrap Coroplast or Cardboard attach to the Coroplast between the wall and the grids using tape or binder-clips. Adding just a few inches in height is fine. Pay attention to the items in the cage to ensure they cannot reach the top of the extension.
  • Overlap grids. If you have extra grids, then use them to overlap the perimeter grids to reduce the inner grid-hole opening in half or quarters. Cable-ties can be used to secure them in place and removed when no longer necessary. You can use full grids, or half grids can be placed just above the top of the Coroplast wall.
  • Use our half-height, Pig-a-Boo acrylic windows with pre-drilled holes by attaching them directly to the grid walls above the Coroplast wall.


1. Please check around your home. IF you live with ANYONE else, they may have picked it up and moved it somewhere else in your home (garage, porch, basement, another room?).

2. Please check around with your neighbors. IF you live in a complex, please check with management or the delivery area.

3. Please contact your carrier locally. They usually have better info right away.

If your package is missing and you cannot find it right away, you MUST LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY. Your package can only be located in the system if you contact us PROMTPLY -- NOT DAYS or WEEKS later.

We ship orders promptly -- within a few business days of you placing the order. We ship from TEXAS -- the middle of the country, so ALL ORDERS should arrive within DAYS of being shipped (3-5 days tops). We send out email notifications when we ship an order. DO NOT WAIT for DAYS or WEEKS past when an order SHOULD HAVE arrived. Let us know RIGHT AWAY of any orders that are MISSING. We canNOT initiate shipping claims late after the fact and therefore canNOT reimburse or reship lost or missing orders if you do not take the responsibility to notify us PROMPTLY.

Please choose the same carrier to ship your package that will be receiving it. Do NOT choose a UPS physical location for a FedEx delivery. Verify the address is correct. You must include the Suite Number and PMB number (private mailbox) on the second address line if applicable.

If you do not have a private mailbox, then you will need to include your home address in parenthesis on the second address line for pick up purposes. A valid State ID is required at pickup.

The customer is responsible for return shipping fees and the cost to reshipment fees in the event the package is undeliverable.


Please open and check your order immediately, even if it is a gift. We have a 14-day return policy. We must be notified at right away to resolve questions or problems.

DO NOT THROW AWAY THE BOX until you've confirmed that ALL items are accounted for. If there are *ANY* issues with damaged or missing items, a photo of the box is required to file a claim with the shipping company.

CUT the CABLE TIES securing all the grids. SEPARATE all of the grids. The Portal Grids are packaged in amongst the standard grids.

If you are missing any GRIDS or CONNECTORS, we will NEED A FULL COUNT of everything received to compare against what should have been sent. More often than not, either a) there is a misunderstanding of how things are constructed; or b) there is a second box that has not yet been received.

Please note if there is any damage to the box, and if so, include a photo of the box for claim purposes.

Thank you.