About Shipping at Cagetopia

When will my order ship and how long will it take to arrive?

All our products are made-to-order. Once your order is made and ready to ship, we’ll email you a tracking number. We ship from Spring, TEXAS (near Houston) and the transit time from us to your area is shown in the transit map below.

Please note, due to our central location, the VAST MAJORITY of destinations are ONE to THREE DAYS of transit time (1 day = RED, 2 days = PURPLE, 3 days = GOLD).

Keep in mind weather and other unusual events can impact deliveries.

FedEx Outbound from Texas

Days in Transit Estimate for United States

The estimated transit times are quoted in business dayafter the order has been processed, packaged, and shipped by Cagetopia and received by FedEx.

Days in Transit Estimate for Canada

The estimated transit times are quoted in business days after the order has been processed, packaged, and shipped by Cagetopia and received by FedEx.

Please be sure to TRACK your package for the estimated arrival date. You must notify us within 48 hours if it’s showing it was delivered and you did not receive it. The longer you wait to report a lost package, the harder it is to trace it.

FedEx Customer Service number is 1.800.463.3339 or 1-800-GOFEDEX.


The shipping rates calculated during checkout are generated directly from Fedex and have our negotiated carrier discount applied. While our shipping rates can't compete with Amazon or other high-shipping-volume businesses, our attention to customer service and quality cannot be beat.

Why is shipping so expensive?

  • Dimensional Weight vs. Actual Weight
    Carriers charge by whichever is greater: dimensional weight or actual weight. Most of our products are lightweight, but due to the large size of our cage components, almost all of our shipping costs are affected by dimensional weight. In order to minimize the impact on shipping costs, we customize our boxes for optimal product fit to reduce shipping costs.
  • Residential or zip code surcharges may apply
    Some residential deliveries carry a higher rate, and a number of zip codes carry an additional surcharge by the carriers.

Why don't you offer Free Shipping?

Every company large or small must pay to ship their product to you. You’re paying for it somewhere. Our products are priced as is and not inflated to accommodate free shipping.

If we were to inflate our prices to cover shipping, we are then seen as too expensive. We're frequently compared to DIY pricing ("I can make it myself") where only basic material costs are noted, and shipping and labor are not factors.

It's a challenge and we prefer to err on the side of complete transparency and fairness.

Shipping to a Fedex Location

Please choose the same carrier to ship your package that will be receiving it (for example, when checking out, don't choose a UPS location for FedEx shipping). Verify the address is correct. You must include the Suite Number and PMB number (private mailbox) on the second address line if applicable.

If you do not have a private mailbox, then you will need to include your home address in parenthesis on the second address line for pick-up purposes. A valid State ID is required at pickup.

The customer is responsible for return shipping fees and the cost to reshipment fees in the event the package is undeliverable.

My package didn’t arrive or it’s late.

Keep in mind the delivery date shown on the carrier website is estimated. This can change frequently while in transit due to weather, truck issues, and scanning discrepancies and are beyond our control. It is best to track your package frequently. We are not responsible for packages taking longer than expected.

Can you intercept my package or can I refuse shipment?

Once an order has been fulfilled and shipped, we cannot intercept it. If you want to return it, it’s best to wait for the package to arrive, then request a Returned Merchandise Authorization number.

Customers are responsible for all shipping charges incurred. If you refused, changed or cancelled your order while it is in transit, you are responsible and will be charged outgoing and return shipping charges.

FedEx Customer Service number is 1.800.463.3339 or 1-800-GOFEDEX.