Exercise is the key to both physical and mental health for all animals, not just humans! Nothing delights more than watching guinea pigs racing around in full-tilt zoomies, punctuated by fits of popcorning!

We've modified our Cagetopia® Wide Lofts to add a second ramp on the other side and made a number of subtle cut and fit changes to maximize the space and access for piggy comfort as well as clean-ability for their humans! :) Introducing Cagetopia® Roomie Zoomie™ cages!

You can choose the Wide Loft version either in the OFFSET mode as shown, or more traditionally, straight over the cage. We strongly encourage all wide lofts be offset for cleaning and piggy retrieval access. It's hard to reach all the way under the wide loft when it isn't offset. Or go with the Narrow Loft Loop which is still great for piggy zoomies and it gives extra space and cage enrichment.

Roomie Zoomie Cagetopia C&C Cage


While we have one-click options for purchasing a single-ramp, two-level (deluxe) cage, we don't have the same option available yet for the double-ramp version. You need to put in your cart the Single-level cage of the size desired and then the desired loft separately (see below). Please note that everything on the site is generally priced by the component, so it would end up being the same with a one-click buying option even so.

You can put your Cagetopia Habitat together in practically any configuration that suits you. You build your Cagetopia custom kit from a variety of components and features and options -- tailored to your needs.

The Roomie Zoomie cage SHOWN requires these items:

Please note

The Double-ramp Lofts

that go on the cage base of your choice are purchased separately, as noted above.

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Narrow Loop Loft (double ramp) for Cagetopia C&C Guinea Pig Cages
Cagetopia's Roomie Zoomie? Narrow Loft Loop
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Availability: In Stock
Item #: LOFT-NAR-2R -

Narrow Loft Loop Provides Upper level = about 2 Square Feet of additional useable space

Wide Loft Loop (double ramp) for Cagetopia C&C Cages
Cagetopia's Roomie Zoomie? Wide Loft Loop
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Availability: In Stock
Item #: LOFT-WIDE-2R -

Wide Loft Loop Provides Upper level = about 4 Square Feet of additional useable space

Need it COVERED?

Keep in mind you only need a cover to keep kids, cats or dogs out, not to keep guinea pigs in. If you don't need a cover, it's best to keep the cage open and accessible. Our Flip-Fold covers are quite versatile and strong (support a 40# weight), can be propped open at various angles, folded half-way back or behind the cage or removed entirely if desired.

Cover needed if you do not offset the wide loft (not recommended):

Cover needed if you do offset the wide loft (recommended):

Cover needed if you go with the NARROW loft:

If you go with a different cage size than the large in our example, then you'd go up or down on the cover size as well. It's important to get that right if you need one, so if you have any questions, please contact us and we're more than happy to guide you to the right configuration for your needs.

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