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Need new grids and connectors? This set will make the perimeter for a LARGE, open-top, single-level C&C cage that is 2x4 grids in size. YOUR coroplast base (provided by you) should measure 27" x 56". The Coroplast base is NOT included with this set.

  • 12 Grids
  • 24 Connectors
  • Zip Ties
  • Instructions
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14" grids are NOT created equally any more. Our CAGETOPIA-brand grids and connectors are high-quality, powder-coated grids with snug, yet easy snap-in connectors. Mixing grids and/or connectors made by different companies in a complex build may be challenging.


Insert 3 US pennies in your connector slot. They should fit exactly without being too loose or too tight.


    • IF you are mixing your grids with ours -- especially with complex builds with cage STANDS or UPPER LEVELS -- then there MAY be issues with the connections.
    • Other grids may NOT fit in our connectors and visa-versa. The grid will be too loose in the connector or too tight to accept the grid. IF TOO LOOSE (more typical), you can compensate in most (but not all) locations by being sure to use zip-ties to reinforce the connection.

    Cagetopia Grid & Connector Set

    for a LARGE 2x4 Grid C&C Cage

    • (12) 14" x 14" black or white CAGETOPIA-brand GRIDS
    • (24) 1 3/8" black or white CAGETOPIA-brand CONNECTORS
    • (approx 50) Zip-ties in black or white
    • Directions for the grid assembly
    • Guinea Pig Care Sheet

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    Grid Color:
    • White
    • Black

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