Cavy Cornucopia

Sweeter than Pumpkin Pie!

Gather your piggies for a Cavy Cornucopia with our latest cage creation featuring a spacious XL (2x5 grid) Cage, easy access XL Cage Stand and a Cavy Cafe Kitchen for a scrumptious feast. After a delicious meal, playful piggies will love a fun-filled game of hide-n-wheek with our festive Piggy Perch. Add a seasonal assortment of fleece bedding plus accessories in these Special Edition Turkeys Bundles from Guinea Pig Market to create your own furry family tradition.

The XL (2x5 grid) cage is recommended for 2-4 female guinea pigs or 2 male guinea pigs.

Ramp Up Playtime with our Piggy Perch

Our Piggy Perch is a customizable playtime addition with gentle ramps to accomodate piggies of all comfort levels. It offers a great vantage point for piggies to take in the scenery or a secluded hiding area underneath. Be sure to add the Piggy Perch Theater fleece accessory bundle to mix-and-match your own stylish creation!

Cavy Cornucopia Piggy Perch

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Prices noted below are base prices. Adding features and options can increase the price of each item.

Cage from Cagetopia:

Fleece and Accessories from Guinea Pig Market:

NOTE: The items below require a SEPARATE ORDER placed on our related, but different sister store. (We share the same administrative backend.) The stores ship from different states with different production schedules and cannot be combined.

Cavy Cornucopia Kitchen

1 comment(s)
Lindsey3937272 January 8, 2020 4:51 PM (reply)
I am thinking about getting this cage but is it possible for me to buy a Loft separately to have on the cage?

55 comment(s)
TeresaM (Store Admin) January 8, 2020 4:54 PM (reply)
Hi Lindsey, Yes, all the lofts are available separately here: And the patios are here:

2 comment(s)
AleyaG February 12, 2020 2:55 PM (reply)
Hey! How do I purchase this cage?

1 comment(s)
olred2000 January 18, 2021 12:03 PM (reply)
We have a Large w/ wide loft on stand, that we got from you guys about a year ago. We are looking at possibly getting some storage bins but I don't want them dragging across the floor. I saw this set up has something under it for the storage bins to sit on. What did you use and do you sell it as well?

16 comment(s)
Teresa Murphy January 18, 2021 12:36 PM (reply)
Actually, that's an optical illusion. The cage was made and photographed on an all white Coroplast floor and white walls. We then photoshop out all the white to add back in the creative, colored backgrounds. Trade secret! :) Coroplast is bought and used commercially for skids for shipping and receiving exactly because it helps things slide very easily across any floor surface. I actually go get a big piece of plain white Coro and put that under my huge stand and cage setup, that way I can grab one end or corner and slide it around as needed on my hardwood floor -- well enough to get behind it and clean it anyway -- without putting stress or pressure on the stand structure. So, you could put some big coro down under and put the stand on top of that. Then, sliding out the coro bins on coro would be a piece of cake. But, they are easy to slide as it is and won't do any damage.

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