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Cavy Raceway Details

Raceway Setup

For the main event, creating your piggy's very own raceway! To create the Piggy Promenade™ we utilized the included Ramp from the Loft, plus 2 extra Reinforced Cage Ramps, and 4 Ledge Grids. In addition we used the Lookout Lounge, 2 Quarter-Round Mini Grids (provides additional safety for Lookout Lounge), Skinny Grids for further safety reasons we highly suggest you order 1 skinny grid to go next to the Loft Ramp due to it being higher from landing on the Ledge Grid, (we added 5 for the perimeter of the Large cage to accommodate a cage cover), approximately 10 extra Edgers, and extra-zip-ties. For better floor space, the Corner Kitchen is a must, especially if you decide to use two ramps to wrap around, its a pretty tight squeeze if you have a Cavy Cafe. We've used a Large cage for this set up, but if you have an XL or Jumbo cage, you can use your Cavy Cafe. 

Additionally, this set up shows a 6-inch wall base. If you have a 12 inch back wall, we recommend scoring or cutting your coroplast wall down to a 6 inch wall or you can always make your own cuts in the coroplast to accommodate the attachment of the ledge grids and Lookout Lounge.

Here's the Raceway assembly (includes some DIY):

Assuming you have already installed the Loft (with the included ramp) and the Lookout Lounge (without attaching the accompanying ramp), the next step is to add the 4 Ledge Grids to your cage base. These grids will be installed with the skinny section of the ledge grid flat against the inside of the cage wall, the longer ledge sticks out into the cage in order to hold the ramp that will go on top. The important part is the placement of these ledge grids so there aren't any gaps for piggy toes to get stuck, even when fleece will and should be laid on top of all zoomie surfaces. We recommend starting with the ledge grid that will hold the Loft Ramp. In the gallery below, you can see that the Loft ramp sits about 2 squares in on the ledge grid. When you have the placement right, you will diagonally zip-tie the very TOP edge of the skinny end of the ledge grid to the cage grids 2 squares above where your coroplast base ends, shown in the galley below. Using the diagonal approach keeps the ledge grids from sliding. You should be able to flip the ledge grids up for easy access and cleaning. Take your second ledge grid, using the same method, attach right off the Lookout Lounge for a smooth transition. There should be a about a grid's worth of space between the two ledge grids to accommodate safety/stability for the loft ramp. This set up is very secure, so the small gap between the ledge grids is totally fine!

Repeat the process on the opposite end of the cage wall, remember to get as close to the Lookout Lounge as possible. Since our loft only has one ramp, the two ledge grids on this end will sit right next to each other. The ramp and hinge from the Lookout Lounge will go on the very last Ledge Grid as an exit ramp to the cage base. We used white edgers around the entirety of the ramps and Lookout Lounge to feel immersed in the raceway theme. 

When the ledge grids are attached it's time to install the Reinforced Cage Ramps. Ramps should be positioned so that the ramp flaps will go under the base of the Lookout Lounge. Bend the looped end of the ramp hooks around a grid square or table top to create a 90 degree angle. Then insert the hooks into the coroplast channels in the ramp base (versus the ramp flap where it would typically go). Be sure that the hook lines up with a square towards the end of the ledge grid it will sit on. The ramps need to be as stable as possible, putting the ramp hooks towards the end ensures there's little possibility for the ramp to move from guinea pig zoomies. Again, please reference the gallery below for photos.  

The Quarter-Round Mini Grids will accompany the Dome Grid for extra security with the Lookout Lounge. As seen in the photos below, the Mini grids will slide in between the coro base and the grids of the base on either side of the Dome grid. The curved end of the Mini grid will overlap with the Dome grid. Secure by diagonally zip-tying to the dome where they first overlap, and to the first section where the square grids overlap.

The last thing to mention is the fleece we recommend for this set up, obviously the traditional Lookout Lounge fleece won't quite work. We recommend using Fleece Flippers Cases and folding them in half to cover the Lookout Lounge and the two extra ramps. The ramp from the Lookout Lounge can easily be covered by any extra fleece you may have, or folding fleece to fit. There is also the potential issue of the gap on the back wall between where the loft ramp and Promenade™ connect and the Lookout Lounge to the Promenade™. We solved this by using fleece strips to weave through the open space, so debris can't go through the grid squares. You can see this in the gallery photos. 

This CAVY RACEWAY design assumes you already have a Large 2x4 Grid Cage with Narrow Loft. We currently do not offer a loft size of 1.5 grids. We may later if there is enough demand, but for the moment, we are employing existing guinea pig cage company items. If you already have narrow loft, you just need to get the Medium to Large Extension Kit (with the connectors option on that item). Then add 4 Short Half Grids and probably a pack of zip ties.

Need a COVER?

Something to consider when covering this cage is that when the Ledge Grids are added, it raises the loft ramp to an angle the regular cover won't clear. So you need to use SKINNY GRIDS for slightly higher walls that will clear the loft ramp wall. Remember one skinny grid would be needed for each grid length of the base that needs to be covered. Our 2x4 Large cage with the Loft and Lookout Lounge needs 6 skinny grids. A 2x6 Jumbo cage with loft would need 10 skinny grids.  

  • It's important to note that this cover will not be a perfect fit over the entirety of the cage. The Lookout lounge has it's own canopy, but because the skinny grids need to be added at the top, there will be about a 2 inch gap that won't be covered where the canopy cover for the lounge ends and where the grid cover begins. 
  • The cover is just like the LARGE/NARROW LOFT cover, plus 3 Short Half grids need to be added for the Bump Loft. Add a pack of zip ties to your order to be sure.

You'll just do the overlapping of the loft grids a bit differently. Follow the Wide Loft cover assembly, but just use the half grids for the back half. Also, if you are adding a cover, you should note we don't show using connectors along the top of the skinny grids as they aren't really necessary. You'll need to make sure that the wall is solid enough to have the cover flip open, so you'll need to consider adding 7 connectors, or due to the short span, you can also get away with just using zip ties there.

Also note that if you add a cover, you'll want the Under Cover Canopy rather than the regular Canopy.

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