Cavy Raceway

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Cagetopia Raceway

Cavy Raceway

This new layout is a dream for piggys that love to zoom or go exploring for pit stops. This setup boasts the new Piggy Promenade™ and several new fleece products.

Truth be told, we, the Pit Crew -- (our little Cagetopia team of Teresa, Holli and Leonor) had entirely too much fun creating this configuration for you. And yet, everything was in consideration of keeping everything easily accessible and easy to clean. And of course, safe for your piggies, too.

We hope this inspires you to have fun with your Cagetopia Creation! 

The Pit Stop Bump Loft

Raceway Setup

This setup is not for beginners of C&C Cages, but if you are looking for ideas to enhance your existing setup, there are plenty here! More setup details coming soon.

For the main event, our Piggy Promenade™ makes creative use of our Ramps, Ledge Grids, and Lookout Lounge

Our Skinny Grids provide extra safety needed at the ramp. At least one is needed if you don't have a covered cage due to the raising of the ramp angle.  

The Corner Kitchen is a must in this exact layout as the Cavy Cafe doesn't allow enough ramp exit and run-around room. We've used a Large cage for this set up, but if you have an XL or Jumbo cage, you can easily use your Cavy Cafe

Additionally, this set up shows a 6-inch wall base. A high-back wall would be in the way of securing the ledge grids. 

For the fleece, we recommend using Fleece Flippers Cases and folding them in half to cover the Lookout Lounge and the two extra ramps. 

With our new, improved angle-cut ramps that give the guinea pig easier access at the bottom. For this setup, we opted to interlace fleece strips through the openings, effectively preventing debris from slipping through.

New Fleece Products

This Raceway set up introduces several new DIY fleece products and projects! More on those soon along with fun new setups. 

Wall Wraps™ 

(coming very soon)

Looking to add some style to your cage? Or maybe you're ready for a color change but not ready to order a new Coroplast base? Wall Wraps™ are designed to be draped over the coroplast walls and tucked right under any liner or flipper you have for your base to hold it in place. Easy to install and easy to take apart when the time comes to wash! They will come in 15" widths with a thin insert in the hems to help give a great look, especially over time with multiple washings. You can cut them in half, like we did here, to alternate colors. 

Fleece Weavers™

A new way to reuse fleece and grids you may have laying around from previous set ups! Why not add a little bit of personality with this easy DIY. We use strips of fleece, the Flippin' Fun Futon's fringe topper, and zip ties to create smaller checkered flags for the start and finish line of our race track. The best part about Fleece Weavers is that it provides endless possibilities to decorate your cage in items and fabrics you know are guinea pig approved. Fleece Weavers™ are created by simply cutting the Fleece Forests into strips. Easy peasy. We'll have that demoed on the Market site very soon.

Recreate this cage with our easy shopping guides below

Please note, prices are base prices. Adding features and options can increase an items' price.

Cage from Cagetopia

For the LARGE CAGE, LOFT, & optional STAND & BINS:


(assumes you have a Narrow Loft already):

You'll want to have some clear packing tape available.

PLEASE SEE THIS ARTICLE for more info about our Bump Loft construction.


These replace the two front corner grids of the loft. If you need a cover, you may choose not to do this OR add Short Half Grids zip-tied to them for additional support.




Need a COVER?

Something to consider when covering this cage is that when the Ledge Grids are added, it raises the loft ramp to an angle the regular cover won't clear. So you need to use SKINNY GRIDS for slightly higher walls that will clear the loft ramp wall. Remember one skinny grid would be needed for each grid length of the base that needs to be covered. Our 2x4 Large cage with the Loft and Lookout Lounge needs 6 skinny grids. A 2x6 Jumbo cage with loft would need 10 skinny grids.  

  • It's important to note that this cover will not be a perfect fit over the entirety of the cage. The Lookout lounge has it's own canopy, but because the skinny grids need to be added at the top, there will be about a 2 inch gap that won't be covered where the canopy cover for the lounge ends and where the grid cover begins. 
  • The cover is just like the LARGE/NARROW LOFT cover, plus 3 Short Half grids need to be added for the Bump Loft. Add a pack of zip ties to your order to be sure.

You'll just do the overlapping of the loft grids a bit differently. Follow the Wide Loft cover assembly, but just use the half grids for the back half. Also, if you are adding a cover, you should note we don't show using connectors along the top of the skinny grids as they aren't really necessary. You'll need to make sure that the wall is solid enough to have the cover flip open, so you'll need to consider adding 7 connectors, or due to the short span, you can also get away with just using zip ties there.

Also note that if you add a cover, you'll want the Under Cover Canopy rather than the regular Canopy.

Fleece and Accessories from Guinea Pig Market:

  • (1) 2x4 Cage Liner in Red - $109.99
  • (1) Narrow Loft Cage Liner in Yellow (with optional Ramp Cover, sidewall covers not pictured) - starting at $43.99 - This will only cover the regular loft before the bump out. You'll need to add more fleece for that. OR perhaps Fleece Flipper 1/2 Case
    OR a Wide Loft Liner and fold the excess under or over.
  • (1) Ramp Cover for LOFT ramp - $31.99 - Ramp wall covers not pictured.
  • (1) Fleece Forest - $21.99 - (be sure to add the grid for fleece forest if you don't have one already)
  • (1) Potty Pad - $14.99
  • There are a few ways you can add fleece to the Lookout Lounge and Piggy Promenade™ Ramps. Our Lookout Lounge liner can be used if you already have it, in addition we recommend using 2 of the Standard Fleece Flipper Cases folded in half long ways to cover the two Piggy Promenade™ ramps.  Then maybe add a Half-Flipper Case or a folded piece of extra fleece to cover the Lookout Lounge ramp that's attached by the hinge. 

Here are some additional instructions for assembling this Raceway Setup.

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