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Our 25" Coroplast Ramp Cover has 3 portholes in both sides of the ramp for viewing and air flow. It stays in place and is easy to remove for cleaning. It can be purely decorative or it can also help encourage shy piggies to get to the upper level.

Please note, the Ramp Cover CANNOT be used with a covered cage; there wouldn't be enough clearance.

Availability: COMING SOON!

Our stay-in-place 25" Coro Ramp Cover is decorative and can help shy guinea pigs feel more secure about heading to an upper level. Please note that there is 1" of clearance on each end as our ramps are 27".

Select your Options!

Coroplast Color:
  • Grass Green / S-62-118-74
  • Neon Green / S-68-214-44
  • Lemon Yellow / S-255-221-53
  • Cinnamon / S-221-110-45
  • Cool Flame / S-214-46-47
  • Pink / S-235-111-189
  • Violet / S-79-47-124
  • Deep Blue / S-55-50-110
  • Navy / S-46-43-87
  • Denim Blue / S-50-127-239
  • Silver Mist / S-150-151-151
  • Black
  • White
  • Peuter /  P-99-102-111
  • Taupe / P-182-161-140
  • Parchment / P-241-232-193
  • Bronze / P-123-81-40
  • Orange / P-244-98-65
  • Red / P-187-15-51
  • Fuchsia / P-174-25-183
  • Dusty Rose / P-208-175-200
  • Wine / P-114-61-106
  • Periwinkle / P-146-158-212
  • Purple / P-50-21-125
  • Light Blue / P-0-126-195
  • Royal Blue / P-0-103-190
  • Lime / P-147-202-21
  • Celery / P-195-221-156
  • Brown / P-93-72-60

More color INFO.
Printed colors "+$" carry an upcharge & need a little extra processing time.

Customer Reviews

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Poop catcher!

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
My girls didn't think twice about running up the ramp with the new cover. I was a bit concerned after four and a half years of running up a ramp that the cover might put them off but no - it was just fine except I did have to put some clips on the top because it slip right off the edge of the bottom. I wish I could add some pictures to show how I use it with my cat covers. I basically have skinny grids to extend the height of the cage by two grid squares and the area by the ramp has half domes to keep them from exiting the cage prior to the ramp installation so I just use the grid points that match up to the skinny grids. I like having my cage a little higher because I have seen bigger guinea pigs get out of a single grid high cage when they are terrified or tired of it. I haven't had that problem but the girls are loving their ramp cover so I had to make sure it would work.

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