Duplex Living Instructions

Duplex Living Cage Assembly directions.

Recreating the Duplex Living setup

You will receive instructions for setting up each cage separately. But this setup requires a partial stand to support the offset and is a custom build as shown below. 

Be sure to start assembly from the BOTTOM-UP as some perimeter connectors between the levels are shared and turned on their edge to accept the next level's grids. (Don't start assembling the 2x5 cage to go on top -- it must be assembled in place on the stand using the shared connectors.)

First, make the perimeter of the 2x4 Large Cage (note the connector positions in the next image -- notice the top two connectors on the back right are on their edge):

Then, build out the attached stand as shown below. Please pay special attention to the omitted grid placements shown below as well as the connector positions.

Cagetopia C&C Cage Connectors closeup

Cagetopia C&C Cage Connectors

Finish off the upper level per normal cage assembly, but you will use the EDGE slot of the connectors on the lower perimeter connectors. Connectors are SHARED between levels.

And note the special treatment of the referenced connector below. This is due to connectors not being able to connect in all 8 directions.

Cagetopia C&C Cage setup

Cagetopia C&C Cage setup
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