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Add a whimsical touch to your holiday gifts with our 'Festive Furry Friends' collection of holiday gift tags, exclusively from CAGETOPIA. This delightful set features eight charming designs, each adorned with a festive guinea pig, from a cozy cap-wearing cutie to a sleigh-riding sweetheart. These tags offer a unique way to personalize your presents with a dose of holiday cheer.

Just print and cut them out! Add a touch of delight and cavy caring to your holiday gifts.

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Tags boast a space to write a heartfelt message to the recipient, along with the sender's name. Perfect for guinea pig enthusiasts or those who appreciate a playful spin on traditional holiday decor, these tags are sure to bring smiles and a sprinkle of magic to your gift-giving this season. Whether attached to a present or hung as a miniature decoration, these tags are a small but mighty addition to your festive celebrations.


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