Kitchen Magic - a Cleaner Cage!

Can guinea pigs be potty trained?

No, but we can work with their natural instincts to get a 75-90% success rate!

Wide open space is intimidating to them since they are prey animals. Therefore, guinea pigs will seek out a secure location to both eat and relieve themselves. This is typically in a sheltered corner of the cage that is dark and furthest from you.

Strategically placed guinea pig accessories from the Guinea Pig Cages Store and Guinea Pig Market will create a comfortable environment that encourages them to do their business in the location you set up.

Optimal Setup for a cleaner cage: A Covered Kitchen and the Cagetopia HYBRID Solution

It is no longer the preferred method to use all disposable bedding for a variety of reasons, but fleece alone can be problematic, too. While fleece absorbs urine, it does not dry out poop. The best solution for a less smelly, easier to clean cage is a combination of both disposable and fleece bedding known as our Cagetopia HYBRID Solution and a strategically placed Kitchen Suite.

In the Large (2x4 grids) C&C Cage, recommended size for two females, the preferred kitchen/litter tray is a Cavy Café. Your Cavy Café will cover ¼ of the floor space and should be filled with disposable bedding. The front wall is 2.5” tall allowing easy access but is tall enough to contain most of the disposable bedding and hay. Checkout our Hayware options to better contain the mess!*** The key is to place the kitchen area at the end of the cage that is furthest away from you with a cover--- options include the Cavy Canopy, a Picnic Awning from the Market, or an Upper Level! The custom-made Guinea Pig Market fleece is recommended for the remaining 3/4 of the cage. Enjoy 10% off your fleece bedding purchase at the Guinea Pig Market after an initial $65+ purchase at the Guinea Pig Cages Store. Read more information about the Cagetopia HYBRID Solution!

You can easily purchase our one-click, complete Cagetopia Starter Kit with free shipping by following the link!

The Cavy Cafe can be easily lifted out and the loose bedding just dumped or scooped out into a garbage bag right in front of you. Then, you just spray and wipe it as usual with a bottle of half white vinegar/half water and add new bedding. That is the litter area. You put the water bottle, pellet bowl and hay rack, hay pile or hay bag in this area as well.

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Tim and June March 1, 2020 11:13 AM (reply)
This was the single best addition that we added to our enclosure to keep it clean and make daily feeding and touch ups easy. This is what makes fleece such an attractive and low maintenance option. We love the fleece liners and our piggies are so much more comfortable.

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