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Pigture Window is for Baby Proofing, Chew Proofing and General Fun for your Guinea Pigs 

NOTE: The window arrives with a protective brown paper covering on it. It may look like a packing board when you receive it, so don't throw accidentally toss it out. Just peel it off.

(Connectors not included).

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Pigture Window

  • Baby-Proofing
  • Chew-Proofing
  • Window

Each window inserts directly into the connectors (Connectors are NOT included) Please choose your desired number of connectors here: C&C Cage Plastic Connectors

Acrylic Window Considerations Before You Buy

Why CAGETOPIA doesn't "feature" full acrylic windows across the cage as a normal product, unlike our competitors.

Yes, they look cool. Yes, they give you a great view into the cage. Here are the downsides to consider.

  • Urine splashes or sprays will etch the acrylic over time.
  • The nice clear finish of the acrylic will get scratched and marred and cloudy over time with normal usage. Some folks go back to grids in the long run, which is why we don't sell any cage by fully replacing the grids. You always have the option with Cagetopia.
  • Because you cannot add a zip-tie through the acrylic when seating them, they do not contribute to the structural integrity of the cage and are 100% dependent on a snug, tight fit of getting them seated into the connectors. If anything, they depend on the rest of the cage's structural integrity, reducing the overall structural strength, all things considered.
  • Because you cannot add a zip-tie through the acrylic when seating them, they don't provide extra support for offset lofts that are cantilevered. Cantilevered offset lofts add a bit of pull (torque) to the cage walls. The wall structure itself helps support the offset. This is reduced with acrylic windows. It's still possible, but slightly reduced. 
  • Because acrylic windows are solid, they cannot be used where you might want a Patio, as the Patios require the inner grid holes of the wire grids for attaching the Wonder Bars which support the Patio.
  • Even fish don't like living in a fish bowl. Guinea pigs are prey animals and do not like open, exposed areas. It's scientifically proven and not up for debate or opinion. Yes, all animals are different, but generally speaking, guinea pigs like to live in their own environment with walls which is why CAGETOPIA -- home of the inventor of C&C Cages -- originally designed C&C cages with 6-inch walls, not 3 inches (as some competitors sell). From a guinea pig's perspective, the walls are high enough to provide a sense of security for them AND high enough to prevent kickout of bedding and urine spray (unlike 3 inch-walls). In addition, 3-inch walls are, unfortunately, right at the perfect height to encourage guinea pigs to chew on them -- an open invitation to an unhealthy practice. While the 6-inch walls provide a good level of security for them, the metal grids do contribute a bit to sense of security. 
  • Because acrylic windows are solid, they block air flow. Most cages are against at least one wall and are frequently in a corner as well. Doing a full wall of front windows can significantly cut off more air flow depending on the cage location. Guinea pigs sense of smell is roughly 100 times better than ours and good air flow is very important to their well-being.
  • Water bottles are typically attached to the front wall of the cage for easy access. If you put all acrylic windows across the front wall, you are reducing your water bottle attachment options. 

We generally recommend trying the acrylic windows in 1-3 panels across the front of the cage, depending on cage length and leaving the corner front grids as metal grids. Used with a balanced consideration of all aspects they can create a nice enhancement for you and your piggies.

  • One 14" x 14" x 1/8" clear acrylic window

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Customer Reviews

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Jacksonville, FL

Snazzy! Looks like a NYC Penthouse!

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I purchased three Pigture Windows to replace three grids along one wall of our 2x5. Very, very pleased with the aesthetics! The windows come carefully packaged with removable protective coatings so they arrive in crystal-clear condition. Each piece is quite thick and fits snugly in the C&C connectors. I'm really glad I decided to get the Pigture windows as they give an extra appeal to my boars' beautiful enclosure.

Sun Valley, CA

Immensely Worth It!

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I bought these because our guinea pigs like to chew on the bars, so we covered them with fleece. However, fleece-covering only made it difficult for them to see us and for us to see them. Their enclosure looks very snazzy with the new windows. They deeply enjoy it!

It provides good enrichment for them, as they can now easily see us moving throughout the room. It also has helped our more skittish guinea pig become less shy. It may sound strange, but my theory is that he was more skittish because he could not see us approach the cage. Now that he can see what and who it is that is approaching, he is much less prone to hiding.

Absolutely a good purchase if you have bar-chewers or want a classy enclosure. (It truly looks like a fancy cavy suite!)

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