Piggy Perfect Playtime!

Make Floor Time FUN and EASY!

When you are in the mood for floor time, you don't want to have to go to a lot of extremes to get it setup. And you want a system for floor time that your pigs will use and enjoy. Our new Portable Piggy Play Center fits the bill.

Cagetopia Door Grids are the Secret Sauce!

Inner Ring of floor time centerOnce again, we bring you our marriage of our guinea pig insight and commitment to innovation and increasing guinea pig enrichment with our Door Grids added to our Standard Grids in a way that works for guinea pigs and you.

Cagetopia Door Grids provide the special magic touch needed for getting your guinea pigs active during floor time. Guinea pigs do not like big, wide-open spaces. They are prey animals and instinctively look and run for cover and keep to the perimeter of any open spaces. It's their only means of survival in the wild -- staying out of sight from birds and other predators.

So, like using our Cavy Cafe and covering it to work with their natural instincts instead of fighting it for potty training, we just need to think like a guinea pig and provide a structure that helps them feel comfortable and safe. Cagetopia's exclusive Door Grids provide a great solution for doing just that.

Creative Space Inner Perimeter

The INNER circle is made up of alternating regular and Cagetopia Door Grids. Within the safe inner circle, from their hidey, they can see the inner perimeter grids and they aren't too far off, so they will venture out and start exploring. The short, one-panel inner grid walls alternate with an opening to the outer perimeter through a Door Grid when they feel brave. This gives them a short and easy way to start to explore their space, while hugging walls and going in and out of the inner grid walls. From wherever they are in the space, they have a safe, short distance to run back to home base safety when they get spooked. They can do zoomies once they have it figured out, or just explore a little if they are timid. It's piggy proven. :)

top view of inner circle for guinea pig floor time

Flexible Outer Perimeter

We zip-tie a nice outer grid fence with regular grids. The minimum but manageable amount of grids for this is 14, which provides from 13 to 20 square feet of run around space, depending on how circular you make the perimeter. A circle maximizes the area (basic geometry). You just clip the open ends together, and unclip and accordion-fold them back down for simple storage.

If you have a wall that you can use (like a long hallway, for example) rather than grids, you can abut the grids next to the wall and give them even more room! Add a water bottle and hay/food station if they are going to be out for more than an hour.

outer ring of guinea pig floor time center

Great for Introductions!

Because there is room to chase, room to hide and room to weave in and out, room for a hay pile, the Piggy Portable Play Center idea is also great for doing introductions. They can get away from each other and investigate things without being trapped or threatened.

What to use for Flooring?

Many of us have a lot of fleece available. You can use one or more fleece cage liners you may have and lay those down. OR if you are in a pinch and aren't going to leave them out for much longer than a couple of hours, you can also just throw down an old sheet, maybe folded over once. That with a few potty pads, will usually do the trick. Super easy to go shake out and launder when floor time is over.


These can be used outdoors if you are out there with them all the time AND if you cover it AND they are not in the full, direct sun all the time. They need ample hideys and water. You have to be careful about prey birds, no matter where you live.

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