Playtime is important for guinea pigs health and enrichment. The key is making it easy on yourself to do so that it isn't a big production all the time. Having a stack of grids at the ready to easily unfold into a nice little pen for them is a great way to go.

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Portable Piggy Play Center using Cagetopia Grids
Piggy Play Center that is Portable with an inner and an outer ring.
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The Portable Piggy Play Center Opens up to 16-20 square feet of play space. Includes an inner ring of 5-6 square feet of space. Alternating Internal Door Grids create a great inside track for running zoomies. They can stay close on the inside area until they feel brave enough to explore further. Outdoor use is fine if you supervise and provide cover, it's easy to move it around as the sun changes. The smaller inner circle gives a greater sense of security and familiarity. ...