Revised Ramps & Lofts

We have revised all our standard, single-ramp Deluxe Cages and Lofts to match our newer design that we use on the double-ramp Loop Lofts. And our ramps now come with easy-to-use Ramp Hooks instead of tape.

All lofts now have a VERTICAL PORTAL GRID at the top of the ramp. This allows the ramp to swing up more freely for cleaning, access and moving the kitchens out for cleaning. 

When you have a covered cage, especially for cats, you can also add our optional Mini Grid to cover that opening. You decide how you want to attach the opening depending on your needs.

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Dean February 27, 2021 2:58 PM (reply)
The Vertical Portal Grids are a great idea. Is it possible to add a custom Pig-A-Boo Window to these to baby-proof?

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