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4" Plastic Handles

Our handles are simple, smooth and attractive. They are secured to the Coroplast via two-prepunched holes in Coroplast and metal screws and washers on the back side of the Coroplast bin or "Cubby." Your choice of black or white.

Plastic Rivets Secures Coroplast

When you snap these plastic rivets together, they make a super strong connection. They work like cable or zip ties. When you tighten a zip tie, it is highly secure. It's the same with the rivets.

  • Just snap them together -- easy!
  • Super strong connection. You cannot pull it apart!

How to use them?

  • No tools are required, just snap one into the other.
  • Pre-punch a hole in the two sections of Coroplast that you want to connect.

Rivet and Handle Pack Includes

  • (1) 4" Plastic handle in your choice of black or white.
  • (2) Screws and (2) Washers per handle
  • (16) Plastic natural-colored Ratcheting Rivets to secure sides of cubbies
  • NOTE: Two rivets are used for each bond, so you receive 8 pairs (16 rivets) in each pack.

Select your Options!

Handle Color:
  • White
  • Black

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