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The Cagetopia Swing Grid is designed to sit in a regular Connector slot and be able to pivot and clear the connector walls. You add two zip-ties to the grid attached to it's neighbor grid like a hinge. This allows the grid to act like a door.

Connectors are sold separately. We recommend using Cagetopia Connectors with Cagetopia Grids. Most vendors have deviated from original standards and no two connector manufacturers are alike anymore. For the best snap-in and secure fit with all of our grids, use our quality Connectors as well.

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Cagetopia Swing Grid

  • 14" x 14" Black or White POWDER-COATED grid
  • 9 squares down and 9 squares across
  • 81 total squares within each 14 inch grid
  • Openings are 1 3/8" which are safe for adult guinea pigs

Baby Guinea Pig Warning

New baby guinea pigs can pass right through these grid openings. You MUST baby proof your cage if you have babies or young adult guinea pigs. Small guinea pigs (roughly under 6 months of age) should be protected from being exposed to the grids.

How to Baby Proof

  • Either make your Coroplast walls temporarily higher (9 inches is recommended) (you can use cardboard or spare Coroplast), OR
  • Double up the grids, reducing the inner holes by 1/2.
  • Do NOT use internal grids as hayracks when you have babies or small young adults.

The good news is that baby guinea pigs grow amazingly fast. Most will be beyond the need for baby proofing within a few months. You need to use your judgement and be conservative.

What if they chew on the grids?

  • Breaking a tooth
    There is a very very remote possibility that a guinea pig might break a tooth by violently chewing on a grid. If this happens, it isn't life threatening. See a vet, but guinea pigs' teeth grow back amazingly quickly! This usually only happens if there are males living in a divided cage next to females. In this case, it's best go with our "Wall of Silence" cage divider.


  • (1) 14" x 14" Black or White epoxy-coated grid. When prongs are inserted into a connector, it allows the grid to "swing" out.

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Grid Color:
  • White
  • Black

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