Winter Wonderland in Cagetopia

Create your own Cagetopia Winter Wonderland!

You can choose any Cagetopia Cage size, but we show it here with our XL with a Narrow Loft. We also feature a Hay Barn and Corral along with our classic Cavy Cafe.

Here are items to order to make this cage your own:

Please note, prices are base prices. Adding features and options can increase an items' price.

Accessories from our sister store, The Guinea Pig Market

The New Lookout Lounge!

lookout lounge


This is hit with piggies and designed to be easy to manage and clean for you, too! We suggest getting a Fleece Flipper Case from our sister store, the Guinea Pig Market, for comfy, cozy padding. We created the Coroplast ledge so that the back wall is short (a simple "L" shape), so it's easy to slip it into a Fleece Flipper case (perfect fit) that you fold over the long way for a nice extra layer of padding. We attach the ramps to the grid so that it's easy to lift out the Coroplast ledge for removing the fleece case to clean as needed.

The ledge is just high enough to keep most poos inside, but gives them (and you) more visibility into their environment. In addition to some structural support, the center dome grid provides a nice sense of confinement for the guinea pigs. They like it. And it gives them a stronger sense of path when they decide to use it for zoomies.

We promise you, your pigs will LOVE the LOOKOUT LOUNGE! You can cover the short ramps with fleece as well to help keep the attached carpet cleaner. Many pigs don't even need the ramps, they can hop up and down on their own.

You can also use thick plush beds or whatever you like to provide access to the ledge as well.

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