20/20 Cagetopia Outlook

See Where the New Year Takes You!

Cagetopia cages are built to last, but we provide a wide variety of accessories to enhance or extend your piggy palace. Our latest cage creation features an XL (2x5 grid) Cage with an accordion-style wall! This makes cage cleaning easier than ever and allows you to conveniently access your piggies. Your cavies will love zooming around the Narrow Loft Loop to explore their own centered Fleece Forest. After the fun and games, your piggies can enjoy a delicious meal in our Cavy Cafe Kitchen. Add colorful fleece bedding and cozy accessories in the Orange Flowers fleece collection from Guinea Pig Market to create a fresh look for the new year.

The XL (2x5 grid) cage is recommended for 2-4 female guinea pigs or 2 male guinea pigs.

2020 Outlook C&C Cage with Swing Grids

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Prices noted below are base prices. Adding features and options can increase the price of each item.

Cage from Cagetopia:

For the Storage Shelving (under the table):

For the Centered Fleece Forest:
Looking for an easy way to place a Fleece Forest in the center of your NARROW Loft Loop? Simply extend the length of a Swing Grid by attaching a Skinny Grid with zip ties, then zip tie the Swing Grid to the upper loft. Your Fleece Forest will rest securely on the opposite plastic connector and be easy to raise when needed.

Centered Fleece Forest

Fleece and Accessories from Guinea Pig Market:

1 comment(s)
January 17, 2020 2:13 PM (reply)
Curious what the footprint dimensions are of this design? So I can see if I can source a big enough table to have it!

55 comment(s)
TeresaM (Store Admin) January 17, 2020 2:30 PM (reply)
Please see the new article we just posted on that topic. (https://www.guineapigcagesstore.com/tipstricks/Swing-Out-Front-Wall)This cage WITH the swing-out wall needs a table of about 36"x79" to be super comfortable for the XL cage.

1 comment(s)
Guinea pig lover June 2, 2020 5:38 PM (reply)
How much will it cost in total

1 comment(s)
Taylor Anderson November 24, 2020 12:33 PM (reply)
Is there anyway I can just order the whole cage instead of ordering it piece by piece?

16 comment(s)
Teresa Murphy November 24, 2020 1:14 PM (reply)
No sorry. The selections of colors and options would be overwhelming and complicated. And it's just not technically possible for us. In addition, most people don't choose absolutely everything and tweak what they are getting here and there. You have to put the items in your cart as noted. Sorry about that.

4 comment(s)
taly623 January 15, 2021 4:49 PM (reply)
Can this be done with a 2 x 3 cage?

39 comment(s)
Teresa January 15, 2021 4:54 PM (reply)
Well, if you mean with the Lookout Lounge on the left as well, the ramps will almost touch, but not quite, not leaving much room in the main part of the cage for cozies and such, but yes, it could. You'd only have 2 swing grids, but I believe it would work.

1 comment(s)
Ca’Mani Crandon February 2, 2021 8:57 PM (reply)
How can I buy this?

39 comment(s)
Teresa February 3, 2021 11:54 AM (reply)
The entire page is all about "How can I buy this." We list the components you need to put in your cart to replicate this cage layout. There is no one simple "buy here" button for our complicated setups. We cannot do that for multiple reasons. Please spend a little time, read the words and follow the links that we've given you on this page to put the items you want in your cart. This is the case on all "Creative Setup" pictures. If you have a specific question or you need personal help with ordering, please send us a customer service note on our Contact Us page under Customer Service on the menu and we'll get back to you privately and promptly. Thanks!

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Daniela Podda January 29, 2023 2:20 PM (reply)
Is there a way we can close this cage on the top for safety reasons? How many and what pieces should we buy to make it a closed cage?

16 comment(s)
Teresa Murphy January 29, 2023 2:49 PM (reply)
Yes, this cage, as shown, just needs the standard XL with Narrow Loft Cover here: https://www.guineapigcagesstore.com/candc-cover-deluxe-narrow-xl If you do a different size that would change. Also note that you have to have cover flipped (folded) up or back to open the swing out doors as the cover rests on them.

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i_like_gooney_pigs July 30, 2023 6:39 PM (reply)
the guinea pigs are stuffed animals? why are they not real ones????? in confused

39 comment(s)
Teresa July 30, 2023 7:04 PM (reply)
Yes, they are stuffed guinea pigs that I had commissioned years ago to be the same size and look as real guinea pigs. If you've ever tried to do a long photo shoot with real guinea pigs that can take hours, you'd understand why we don't use real guinea pigs. LOL. It can stress them out and they virtually never stay where you want them to stay. And we need to keep the materials we are using clean-looking and not used. :) We are focused on getting the right shots so you can see the product. It's already a very very involved and time-consuming process for a small company. It would be nice to use our real guinea pigs, but we just don't have the resources to do that. Costs would be higher and we try to keep costs to a minimum. :)

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