Bold Basics for your Cavies

Excellent Cage Configuration!

This Cage Setup is ideal for cavy newbies and cavy gurus alike if you have 30"x60" of space. The 2x4-grid cage size is recommended for 2 females or a neutered male and female. It's the minimum size suggested for two males, but one size up is preferred for two males. If you have two males and can't go bigger, then providing a double-ramp option on the Large size (2x4 grids) is a great way to help make up for the lesser space. In fact, the double-ramp option is HIGHLY recommended for males in general, but females absolutely love it too. If you can splurge on the double-ramp loft, you'll love seeing the zoomie and chasing antics that your guinea pigs will discover.

And YES, ALL Cagetopia cages have optional covers, or you can add a cover later if needed. All cages can also be put on our same-sized Cage Stand if desired as well, raising the cage to coffee table height (15" off the floor) -- a comfortable level, allowing easier access.

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Ramp Up

Many guinea pigs can't wait to explore a new cage or a new addition to their cage, but some need a little encouragement. Don't give up too soon if your guinea pig(s) don't take to it right away. Sometimes it can take weeks for a guinea pig to get up the courage. The additional exercise that their little bodies receive by going up and down is EXTREMELY BENEFICIAL to their overall health and wellness. Especially for males, it helps keep those butt muscles toned and healthy which can help prevent impaction later in life. This additional up and down, climbing exercise helps all guinea pigs with their digestive systems, their internal organs, their stamina and strength and their overall health and happiness. It's great cage enrichment for them. And two ramps are definitely better than one as they can do better zoomies without having to full stop and turn around. For diva females or bickering males, it's much easier for them to get away and not get trapped by the aggressor.

Suggestions to encourage them to use the ramp

  • Put their favorite food pieces on the ramp and at the top.
  • Make the ramp less steep by adding some soft stairs underneath, like Plush Beds, Potty Pads, folded Fleece Cases or something similar.
  • Include a small, secondary hay rack or even make the top a big hay pile.
  • Make sure something is clearly covered on the top: they need to feel secure.
    Like a Corner Cabin, Picnic Awning, Cavy Canopy or Fleece Forest(s).
  • Just put them up there (make sure there is a hidey) and let them come down on their own.
    They'll figure it out. Help them down if they don't figure it out soon enough. :)
  • We ship the ramps with carpet attached, but adding an official Ramp Cover or a folded Fleece Case on the ramp can give them a more familiar feeling and encourage exploration. The Carpet will grab onto the fleece and keep it in place.
  • Add some yummy toys up top for them to explore and nibble on

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2 comment(s)
Christy Frost July 13, 2018 6:28 PM (reply)
Can you show an example of making the ramp less steep?

55 comment(s)
TeresaM (Store Admin) July 13, 2018 6:40 PM (reply)

You can stack two or more Plush Beds or Potty Pads or folded fleece sections under the ramp landing. In the above photo, if you moved the Green Lettuce Leaf Lounger UNDER the Potty Pad at the bottom of the ramp, it would give them TWO steps up to the Ramp and make the ramp less steep. The more you pile at the bottom, the less steep the ramp will be. Trick is to make sure the pads are increasingly smaller so that they are easily stepping up bit by bit.


You can opt for a Piggy Patio and get an extra ramp. The Patios allow for an adjustable height, so you can make the Patio lower from the top also decreasing the angle of the ramp. And you can combine both ideas for the gentlest possible ramp angle.


Rather than a full upper level, you can try the Lookout Lounge instead. Those are very easy to manage ramps for even the most reluctant or physically-challenged guinea pigs. It's less room and such as the lofts, but still gives them great cage enrichment and exercise.

2 comment(s)
Christy Frost July 13, 2018 7:21 PM (reply)
Thanks so much for that info. We already have the wide loft, I know it will take some getting use to for them, but I wanted to make as easy for them as possible.

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Eleanor September 14, 2018 9:42 AM (reply)
We are planning to get exactly this configuration - large cage, narrow zoomie loft with kitchen underneath. Will it be difficult to fill a Hay Buffet if it is on the end wall under the loft?

55 comment(s)
TeresaM (Store Admin) September 14, 2018 11:47 AM (reply)
No, not difficult. It's why we have the top of the Hay Buffet angled out a bit -- it's for easier filling from the front. You'll be fine. :)

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