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Cagetopia Bump Loft

Bump Loft PLUS

This Bump Loft layout maximizes good living space for a small cage. If you have another 7 inches of wall length to spare, your guinea pigs will thank you. Of course, if you have the space to do a wide loft here (16 inches instead of 7 inches), then you should definitely go with that instead. But sometimes space is precious, and maybe 7 inches is doable.

This approach is adaptable to all cage lengths, but we are focusing on the SMALL 2x3 grid C&C cage for now.

And this layout features not just the BUMP LOFT but more fun cage enrichment enhancements.

This BUMP LOFT PLUS configuration features:

  • More SPACE
  • 3 LEVELS

The PLUS items add to the Bump Loft configuration


This bump loft design assumes you already have a Small with a Narrow Loft cage. We currently do not offer a loft size of 1.5 grids. We may in the future if demand is there, but right now, we are working with existing store items. And rather than having to buy a new loft if you already have one, you just need the Medium to Large Extension Kit (with the connectors option on that item). Then you just need to add 4 Short Half Grids and probably a pack of zip ties

So, for around $40 plus tax and shipping, you've given your guinea pigs the great gift of more space!


AND NOT a perfectly smooth loft base

Here's how it works: you remove the back rivets and FOLD DOWN the end wall of your current loft and sit the Extension piece on top of it. Then you'll want to TAPE UP the seam of the overlapped coro with clear packing tape. You may also want to punch new holes where you want them into the extension piece as well to use the rivet holes on the now opened up narrow loft flap. It will make more sense when you do it. But suffice it say, there will be tiny ridge (the width of the 4mm coro) and things may not sit perfectly flatly, but can be adjusted. So, you need to set your expectations appropriately. The loft needs to be covered in fleece anyway (usually in two sections to accommodate the inset ramp cutout), so the imperfect flooring won't matter or be at all noticeable to your critters. It's worth it. 

Like what you see? Recreate this cage with our easy shopping guides below.

Please note, prices are base prices. Adding features and options can increase an items' price.

Cage from Guinea Pig Cages Store

For the SMALL CAGE, LOFT, & optional STAND & BINS:


(assumes you have a Narrow Loft already):

You'll want to have some clear packing tape available.


These replace the two front corner grids of the loft. If you need a cover, you may choose not to do this OR add Short Half Grids zip-tied to them for additional support.




Need a COVER?

The tricky aspect of covering this cage is that when you add the Patio, it raises the ramp angle and the regular cover won't clear it. So you need to ADD ONE MORE SKINNY GRID to your order to fill in the opening in the front center, for a slightly higher wall that clears the ramp.

You'll just do the overlapping of the loft grids a bit differently. Also, if you are adding a cover, you should note we don't show using connectors along the top of the skinny grids as they aren't really necessary. You'll need to make sure that the wall is solid enough to have the cover flip open, so you'll need to consider adding 5 connectors or due to the short span, you can also get away with just using zip ties there.

Also note that if you add a cover, you'll want the Under Cover Canopy rather than the regular Canopy.

Fleece and Accessories from Guinea Pig Market:

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