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For a Medium Deluxe (2x3.5 with a 1x2 Loft)

Our Flip-Fold Covers are designed with you and your guinea pig's safety in mind. We compromise on neither and give you the best of both!


We focus on EASE-OF-USE and ease-of-access to your guinea pigs. Covers provide safety for your guinea pigs when needed. But if you make it difficult to get to your guinea pigs for feeding or cleaning or picking them up, then over time, your desire to interact and take proper care of them will start to fade. That's why ease-of-use is just as important as safety.

Our cover design is based on many years of guinea pig experience with many hundreds of guinea pigs. When you are standing in front of your cage, you need to be able to open the cage easily and quickly. You need immediate access along the full length of the cage.

With Flip-Fold Covers, you only need one hand to open and close our covers, and you don't need something to lean them against to hold them up. Most people have their cages against a wall. Our covers do not require you to rest the cover against your wall, leaving unsightly scratch marks. They rest nicely pushed midway out of the way or all the way back. Or you can just flip the front section over the back section.


Not only are they easy to use, our custom-designed and custom-manufactured Ultra Rods and Wonder Bars are very high-quality and provide added durability and strength.

Safe and Convenient

Not only are they safe for the guinea pigs, they won't fall down and whack you in the head while you are trying to feed or pick up your piggies or clean your cage!

In addition, our covers are reachable by the average person who can reach moderately across the cage. You don't have to be super tall to manage the covers safely, so it's safe for a younger person to simply fold back the front half to access piggies quickly.

It is also easy to add a child-proof lock to the cage cover if needed.

Deluxe Flip-Fold Cover Kit Includes

  • (11) 14" Grids in black or white (safe grids with 1 3/8" openings)
  • (1) Extendable Ultra Rod Set (extends 38" to 54": 2 rod pieces & 2 end caps per set) matching the grid color
  • (1) C&C Wonder Bar for Support (29"x1" custom-designed by us for C&C Cages) matching the grid color
  • Cable ties matching the grid color.
  • Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos


  • 1 OR 2 Mini Grid(s) with 1 OR 2 clip(s) and zip ties

Select your Options!

Grid Color:
  • White
  • Black

Mini-Grid Portal Guard:

For covered cages with a vertical Portal Grid at the top of the ramp. These Mini-Grids keep out inquisitive cats at the Portal opening. Each Mini-Grid includes one clip and zip ties. (more Mini-Grid Portal Guard info here)

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