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The Cavy Backsplash for C&C Cages is a 12.5" x 27" coroplast insert used between the grids and base of the cage to reduce kick out from hay and bedding. It doesn't need attachment, it just sits behind the Coroplast wall and the grids, making it easy to lift out when needed for cleaning.

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Cavy Backsplash Includes

  • 4mm Coroplast 27" x 12.5" in your choice of 16 colors in the following 3 design options:
    - Heart cutout with two small circle cut-outs
    - Portal cutouts with two small circle cut-outs
    - No cut-outs

Select your Options!

Coroplast Color:
  • Grass Green / S-62-118-74
  • Neon Green / S-68-214-44
  • Lemon Yellow / S-255-221-53
  • Cinnamon / S-221-110-45
  • Cool Flame / S-214-46-47
  • Pink / S-235-111-189
  • Violet / S-79-47-124
  • Deep Blue / S-55-50-110
  • Navy / S-46-43-87
  • Denim Blue / S-50-127-239
  • Silver Mist / S-150-151-151
  • Black
  • White
  • Peuter /  P-99-102-111
  • Taupe / P-182-161-140
  • Parchment / P-241-232-193
  • Bronze / P-123-81-40
  • Orange / P-244-98-65
  • Red / P-187-15-51
  • Fuchsia / P-174-25-183
  • Dusty Rose / P-208-175-200
  • Wine / P-114-61-106
  • Periwinkle / P-146-158-212
  • Purple / P-50-21-125
  • Light Blue / P-0-126-195
  • Royal Blue / P-0-103-190
  • Lime / P-147-202-21
  • Celery / P-195-221-156
  • Brown / P-93-72-60

More color INFO.
Printed colors "+$" carry an upcharge & need a little extra processing time.



Customer Reviews

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Does what it's suppose to.

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I like this product it does keep hay and bedding from falling out of the cage the holes for the water bottles fit and my boys like having to stretch a bit to drink water so for me that isn't a problem but may be for others. I couldn't fit the backsplash behind my kitchen it was to big, I cut the sides to trim it down a bit and still had issues getting it to fit. I am know using the backsplash in my wide loft and works great there.

GPCS: Thank you for your feedback. We listened and modified the backsplash so the height and width for a better fit.

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