Kristie's Stacked Super Cage

Stacked C&C Cage for Males, Cagetopia for Guinea Pig Cages

Kristie's Super Stacked Cage for her Skinnies

Let's be frank from the start! This is an AWESOME cage, but it's not for a novice cage builder. It would be best to have some Cagetopia cage building experience under your belt before undertaking this build. This isn't Kristie's first or only Cagetopia cage build. And that's the beauty of Cagetopia C&C Cages! You can walk before you run. You can build on and up. It doesn't have to be all at once. 

This is BIG!

This cage is the standard 30" wide and 7 grids long -- that's roughly 105" or almost 9 feet long (with the offset). This could be stepped down to a 2x4 on the bottom and a 2x3 on the top. You canNOT do a 2x3 on top and cover half of the loft, thinking you can get to that smaller size. You can't cover the loft in this case because it would become virtually uncleanable. Not good. Not even worth considering. 

You CAN make it a 2x4 on the bottom with a 2x3 on the top, but only if the 2x3 has a single male or two females.

You can also make it a 2x5 on the bottom and a 2x4 on the top. That would provide the minimum space on top for two males, or the recommended space on top for a pair of females.

Can this Cage be Covered?

Yes, but you have to think about being tall enough to flip the cover back and pull it back closed. I think it would be a bit awkward for Kristie's height. You'd likely need to be 5'5' or more to be able to manage it comfortably. We can help you configure a cover to completely enclose it if you are interested. Just contact us

Kristie's Story

Kristie has an evolving herd of males. 

"After 14 months of cohabitation, my two skinny brothers started brawling and had to be separated. I was out of floor space, so I decided I’d better stack. So this is a 2x5 stacked on a 2x6 with an offset wide loft loop on a half-height stand. All parts are from Cagetopia. If you stack, order the support rods. You won’t regret it. This took a bit to build. Not going to sugarcoat it. LOL"

Understandably, Kristie was pretty over cage building after she completed the project. "The total project took me about 14 hours. That includes the disassembly of their former cage on a full grid-height stand and putting all the trim on the Coroplast. I think I used 200 zip ties."

"Our little rumble strutter, Pluto, is a runt, and he thinks he is the biggest, baddest piggie ever. He loves to talk smack, try to mount, and then popcorns away like it's all in fun. His much bigger, but more passive brother, just finally got sick of his crap and literally bit Pluto in the arse. Pluto is going to have floor time supervised with the others, but he talks too much smack to have a live-in friend."

Kristie says that if she could have stuck with one level, she would have, as it's just better and easier, but she just didn't have the space to do it.

skinny pig skinny pig in a kitchen skinny pig


Kristie is 5' 3" tall, and this cage setup is at armpit height for her, just allowing her to reach to the back of the cage on the upper level.

Height-wise, this setup (3 1/2 grids tall or about 52") is roughly the same as having a regular cage on a table or desk (most tables are 30" high) and then a cage with a half-loft on top of it. This should be manageable by most adults. If you are shorter, you'd need a step-stool. That would involve a bit more effort, but having a sturdy step stool nearby and handy would make this easily accessible, even by young adults.

Her Cage and What's GREAT about it!

This is the PERFECT way to stack cages! 

A Half-Grid stand is a great way to get the pigs off the floor, and gives you toe-kick room when you are standing in front of the cage.

While it doesn't provide as much storage as a full-grid height stand, you do get some AND you don't have a too-tall cage on top to manage.

A full-grid height used as a spacer level is recommended, so you don't have to be a contortionist to reach the lower back corners on a stacked cage. (Half-height grids used as a spacer level is also an option, but that requires you to do more bending in a tighter space.)

The OFFSET WIDE LOOP LOFT provides a lot of zoomie room for a pair of males. You can use the cantilever-style support, the standard support, or no support at all since it's not really necessary here. See this article about offset lofts here.

Kristie went with standard grids, but she could have added our Cagetopia Swing Grids, which would have provided a drop-down wall. That can help give easier access, too, if needed. 


  • Start from the bottom-up. Think foundation -- building a strong and squared up foundation is important for the integrity of what comes on top.
  • Seat grids into their connectors -- all the way -- using some pliers to help you if necessary on the awkward angles. THEN: 
  • Reinforce all connections with cable-ties. Make sure the connectors are REALLY facing in right direction for the next level, as having to cut cable-ties to redo things takes more cable-ties. 
    It explains the considerations in more detail and shows you how to make the rods work together (scroll down in the article to the Rod Graphic). If you are going with a different length of cage, check that article to help determine the rods required.

Like what you see? Use the components below to create this set up:

Please note, prices are base prices. Adding features and options can increase an item's price.

Items from Cagetopia:

Cage Structure Essentials

Cage Accessories

  • (2) Cavy Cafes in Gray with White Edging - $26.99 each
  • (1) Cavy Canopy in Gray - $24.99 (shown in upper cage)

Fleece and Accessories from Guinea Pig Market:

  • (2) 2x2.5 Cage Liners in Jungle Animals - $81.99 each (For the bottom-level cage. We recommend pairing two 2x2.5 cage liners for easier cleaning, but you can use a 2x5 cage liner if you prefer.)
  • (1) 2x4 Cage Liner in Jungle Animals - starting at $109.99 (for the top-level cage)
  • (1) Wide Loft Loop Cage Liner in Jungle Animals (For the loft. The optional Ramp Covers are recommended, but not pictured) - starting at $56.99
  • (2) Regular Hidey Huts in Jungle Animals - starting at $57.99 each (shown in the bottom level and Wide Loop Loft)
  • (2) Heavenly Hay Bags in assorted fabrics - $32.99 each (shown in the Cavy Cafes)
  • (4) Water Bottles - starting at $15.99 each
  • (2) Food Bowls in assorted sizes and colors - starting at $4.99 each
  • Munchable Toys starting at $4.99 each

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