Veggie Village

Create a garden of delight with our Veggie Village!

We designed our Veggie Village using our XL (2x5 grid) cage, but you can make your own with any Cagetopia cage size. Our Cavy Cafe provides an easy-access kitchen area to help keep the rest of the cage tidy, and our new Piggy Perch will have your guinea pigs popcorning with delight! Throw in some cozy, plush Garden Beds from Guinea Pig Market and you have a charming Veggie Village for your piggies.

Create Your Own Veggie Village:

Please note, prices are base prices. Adding features and options can increase an items' price.

Then accessorize at our sister store, Guinea Pig Market:

Introducing our new Piggy Perch!

piggy perch theater

Our Piggy Perch was designed to add enrichment and excitement to any C&C cage, as well as the Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat. Fleece items are sold separately on our sister store:

Mix & Match Fleece Accessories

Customize your piggy perch with the complete fleece component collection from Guinea Pig Market. Our component bundle includes a fleece flipper case for the ledge and ramps, along with an upper scallop, middle drape and lower fringe - mix and match fabrics to make it your own!

piggy perch

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