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Cagetopia guinea pig cage 2x4 basics

Getting Back to the Basics

This simple Cagetopia STARTER KIT comes with the essentials to get you started with a solid foundation and your basic guinea pig cage structure needs. Keep it simple for now and let us guide you while you get your feet wet in the world of guinea pigs and C&C cages.

The Cagetopia Brand has all the products you will need to expand and build your piggy palace over time because most people's caging needs evolve. This is absolutely the best place to start! Other brand products are not compatible with ours, so start with a quality cage that is fully functional and adaptable. Expand and enhance as your’s and your piggies’ needs change.

You can't go wrong with the size! The Large (2x4 grids) Cage measures 2.5 feet by 5 feet -- when assembled and is the recommended square footage for a pair of females or a female with a neutered male and is the minimum cage size for a pair of males or trio of females.

"Can it be Covered," you ask?

YES! All of our cages can be covered. You can purchase the Covered Starter Kit version, or order the Cover– sold separately– later.

Please note that the Cagetopia Starter Kits include our Cavy Canopy. The Undercover Canopy comes with the Covered Starter Kit, but you would need to purchase this instead if you add a cover for functionality.

"You want it on a cage stand," you say?

We do recommend placing the cage on a stand or table top. It is more accessible for you to manage the daily responsibilities, and the pigs will be less intimidated by your size. We offer a Large Cage Stand that works with this setup. The stand is typically assembled first, but don’t let that deter you from getting it at a later date.

Upgrades such as enhancements and expansions for beauty and/or functionality are available any time through our website .

"Can you add an upper level" or “expand”, you ask?

YES! Perhaps you currently don’t have the amount of space you’d like or want an upper level later, rest assured that you can add a variety of upper levels or a Cagetopia Cage Extension down the road.


This setup shows the Cagetopia STARTER KIT sold exclusively at the Guinea Pig Cages Store for $189 including free shipping.

Please note, additional items to orders that include a Cagetopia STARTER KIT are sold and shipped separately. Shipping charges are applicable.

The Starter Kit features the Cagetopia BEDDING COMBO sold exclusively at our sister store, the Guinea Pig Market, for $159.99. The Flip Tent is not included in the Combo Kit.

There are no substitutions on items sold in the Kit or Combo packs, but you can choose from 16 Coroplast colors over a 100 fabrics from our huge fabric selection.

This setup features our fun new Jelly Beans fabric, but make it your own!

Our stores work in tandem to keep you fully functional, while keeping your Cagetopia cage cleaner longer and your guinea pigs happy and healthy!


Cagetopia STARTER KIT items if purchased separately:

Items from the Guinea Pig Market BEDDING COMBO featured in our Jelly Beans fabric if purchased separately:

  • 2x3-grid fleece Cage Liner which measures about 27" x 41" after multiple washings. Made with high-quality fleece and a double layer of absorbent fabric to keep your guinea pigs comfortable and dry.
  • Fleece Forest with Potty Pad and optional Hanging Grid. An easy-to-clean hidey for piggy playtime with an open design that's perfect for male or female piggies.
  • TWO 12"x12" Potty Pads for extra protection in frequently soiled areas. Makes spot cleaning a breeze and helps to extend the time between full cage cleanings.

Cagetopia Basics Starter Kit cage

The following image also shows a Magic Muff from the Guinea Pig Market.

Cagetopia Basics Starter Kit cage

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