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Retrofit your old loft if you have a regular, standard grid vertically at the top of the ramp. Change that out for a Portal Grid and new Cagetopia Ramp Hooks. (The Portal Grid for vertical placement and new Ramp Hooks now ship standard with all newly purchased deluxe cages and lofts.)

Now, you'll be able to easily swing your ramp up for easier access or remove it altogether by slightly lifting the Coroplast of the loft and removing it. No more tape needed, you can get it out your way entirely if desired.

Either remove the old double-stick tape on the ramp flap, or put a piece of paper over it so that it no longer sticks to the underside of the loft Coroplast.

Add the optional Mini-Grid Portal Guard if you have a covered cage and need to keep inquisitive cats or kids from reaching in through the opening.

(ramp not included)

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Retrofit with a PORTAL GRID & RAMP HOOKS

Make your life easier with better access using a swing-up ramp that is also easy to remove or place back in the cage. 

Replace the regular grid at the top of the ramp with the Portal Grid and add in the new Ramp Hooks. It's that simple!

How it works

Wire strength is just right

First, we use the same strong, custom Cagetopia wires that we use for reinforcing our cage ramps. These are COATED wires with a high degree of strength that hold the shape of their bend and yet are bendable by hand.

Wire coating is just right

Our COATED wires are the PERFECT gauge for inserting into Coroplast flutes. The special coating on them helps grip the Coroplast flute perfectly -- no slip-sliding around. And not all Coroplast flutes are identical in size and shape. Our coating provides just the right amount of flexibility to fit comfortably in all 4mm Coroplast flutes.

Insert Ramp Hooks (ONCE) in your best ramp flap location

You insert the ramp hook in the flap at the top of the ramp in the best flute position such that it fits perfectly in a grid-hole at the top of the ramp. People's setups can vary on how much wire there is at the top of a ramp landing. You can adapt to your setup with this system. 

LIFT UP the Coro of the Loft, Patio or Upper Level

Lift up the Coroplast which is the floor of the upper level by a couple of inches. DROP in the ramp flap, and put the loft Coroplast back down.

The Engineering WORKS!

The placement and weight of the loft coroplast on top of the ramp flap very easily keeps the hook secure. It won't come loose. Try it and see.


Please note that we ship you the wires in a "U-shape" and flat. We do NOT pre-bend them into the final 90-degree angle. Too much risk of it not showing up perfectly due to shipping, so we also send you great instructions for making the simple bend yourself before you insert them into your ramp flap. It's similar to how we ship the ramps themselves -- flat -- and you fold up the ramp walls into place.

Also please note that the wires may not be perfectly identical. We don't have a fancy machine to stamp them out identically, so they are hand-crafted. Thank you.

What's Included

  • Portal Grid
  • Pair of Ramp Hooks
  • Optionally if added: Mini Grid, Clip, Zip Ties

Select your Options!

Grid Color:
  • White
  • Black

Mini-Grid Portal Guard:

For covered cages with a vertical Portal Grid at the top of the ramp. These Mini-Grids keep out inquisitive cats at the Portal opening. Each Mini-Grid includes one clip and zip ties. (more Mini-Grid Portal Guard info here)

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